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Salient Features

Salient features of our company are many. We aim at pleasing each and every customer that comes to our store. We are able to do that because of the high end workforce involved behind the scenes in producing our products. Furniture are not that easy to make. It involves lots of processes that the general people are not aware of.

With our latest innovation we keep moving ahead, embracing all the new technologies in the market. We try to get the best things done in our work shop. By providing training to our labour force, we get the best of results
Material : We process furniture made up of different material, not just any one. From metal to wood, leather to laminations, all are present in our collection. We have a catalogue, with detailed layout of our products, the customer can choose from.

Design : Our research and development team works on what innovations in the design can make the furniture more durable and more resistant to any adverse condition. After the R&D department approves of any design, our workers implement the design on the given material. The latest technologies in our workshop, help them do the high end accurate production.
Finish : As I have mentioned earlier, we use high end technologies for production, surface finish is very good. Even an intricate shape won’t have a single flaw when it comes out of the workshop. After the basic production many stages are carried on for providing finish to the product. Before it finally comes out of the workshop, it has to pass many stages of testing.
Pre-treatment process : Derusting is done which is a process to remove any rust initiating material from the surface of furniture. Degreasing is carried on which is a process to remove any oil to sticky material from the surface of furniture. A process is carried on to remove any acidic content from the furniture surface. The furniture components are cleared by water dipping after any chemical process that is carried on.

Coating and finishing : All our products are coated with epoxy polyester powder to provide high surface finish. Pre cleaning process is done approximately 10 times. This powdered coating is a life time thing. Humidity or heat doesn’t have any effect on the coating.
Packing of products is done with heavy duty boxes and ply. This makes it’s transportation safe and proper.

With all this salient features, our work force and product both prove to be marvellous. Today our products are fulfilling so many need of people all over the country. all because of our hard working work force, this is possible. We are still looking on to any improvements possible. We hope to be the number one furniture brand in the country. With our countable salient feature we are able to deliver the best of products to our customers. We still aim at delivering the most efficient products to our customer. We keep training our workers in the factory about designing and manufacturing. We never step back of making our facilities the best.